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Branded Character Inflatable Costumes 

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Costume Inflatables offer on-site excitement based on Logo Characters or Mascots tied to your product, brand, or corporate identity.  Bring any character to life for special promotions and sales events.  Attach your feet  to the velcro straps inside the rubber soled shoes and you just step in, turn on the switch and zip up the zipper.  With the fan & battery fastened to your backpack the balloon just inflates around you.  This is very comfortable and keeps you cooler with the fresh air constantly being forced in by the fan.  A cooling vest option can be used for very hot climates. You have a clear view out the front mesh window.

Custom Made Inflatable CHARACTER Costumes

  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Mesh Viewing Window
  • Internal Battery Powered Inflation Fan
  • Two 12 volt Powered Batteries (one to use while other charges) + Charger
  • Storage Bag + Instructions
  • 3 week Production/Delivery
  • Durable & Long Lasting



Inflatable Character Costumes

Sizes: Prices:
7ft - 8ft $2200 - $3000

*Shipping not included.

*Complexity of design/concept will determine final pricing.

*Seams & Fan Defects Warranty

Also available: Costumes are great for everyday use and can be made in any shape or size.  These have molded lightweight fiberglass heads and custom sewn bodies.  Final pricing based on complexity, email us your design or idea and we will make it come to life.